Human Trafficking in Indian Country

Course Overview

This one-day tribal training brings together tribal law enforcement, tribal leaders and community stakeholders to address the issue of human trafficking in Indian Country. The unique, independent structure of native communities contributes to complex cultural and jurisdictional issues for tribal, state, and federal law enforcement agencies combating these crimes.

This course focuses on increasing awareness of the crime of human trafficking and victim indicators.  The course also includes victim outreach strategies, enhanced collaborative investigation models, dimensions of human trafficking conspiracies, and protocols and strategies for detection and investigation. The course content includes:

  • Human trafficking overview
  • Tribal communities at risk: signs and symptoms
  • Victim indicators
  • Steps for victim outreach in tribal communities
  • Myths and misconceptions
  • Law enforcement challenges
  • Legal background
  • Enhanced collaborative investigation
  • Case management
  • Stages of a proactive human trafficking investigation
  • Protocols for victim interviews
  • Human trafficking sex investigations
  • Dimensions of a human trafficking conspiracy
  • Demography of victims

To host this training please contact Dennis Cusick at [email protected] or 651-917-2259.