Alternative Dispute Resolution for Law Enforcement Safety & Effectiveness

Course Overview

This course develops officers’ awareness and communication skills and teaches “pre-escalation” techniques that help to keep disputes from growing into crisis situations.  This 2-day interactive class utilizes law enforcement scenarios and case studies to support each training module.  Course content includes:

  • Tools of influence – getting what we want
  • Interest-based negotiation vs. distributive negotiations
  • On-the-ground, street level mediation
  • Rational choice model
  • Effective interpersonal communication
  • Conflict analysis
  • Removing emotions from problem solving

Officers who attend the course will learn to

  • Use alternative dispute resolution tools
  • Increase the capacity to understand interests and develop options
  • Build relationships through information mediation when speaking with citizens
  • Guard against implicit biases
  • Use problem solving techniques
  • Apply pre-escalation strategies and tactics

This training is available on a fee for service basis.  

Contact Bill Micklus, Associate Director, at [email protected] or 651-287-7443 if you would like more information about this training.


De-escalation Strategies for Persons with Mental Illness or Behavioral Disorders in Crisis "The importance of this topic is far overdue, great information and well presented. Instructors are experts in their field. All the information was valuable and provides a basis for interacting with people suffering from mental illness or in crisis."

Minneapolis, MN