Alternative Dispute Resolution for Law Enforcement Safety & Effectiveness

Course Overview

This course develops officers’ awareness and communication skills and teaches “pre-escalation” techniques that help to keep disputes from growing into crisis situations.  This 2-day interactive class utilizes law enforcement scenarios and case studies to support each training module.  Course content includes:

  • Tools of influence – getting what we want
  • Interest-based negotiation vs. distributive negotiations
  • On-the-ground, street level mediation
  • Rational choice model
  • Effective interpersonal communication
  • Conflict analysis
  • Removing emotions from problem solving

Officers who attend the course will learn to

  • Use alternative dispute resolution tools
  • Increase the capacity to understand interests and develop options
  • Build relationships through information mediation when speaking with citizens
  • Guard against implicit biases
  • Use problem solving techniques
  • Apply pre-escalation strategies and tactics

This training is available on a fee for service basis.  

Contact Bill Micklus, Associate Director, at [email protected] or 651-287-7443 if you would like more information about this training.