De-escalation Training


Police officers face special challenges when dealing with people with various conditions including mental illness, drug or alcohol additions, autism, PTSD, and the like.  Assessing the level of danger can be difficult, but specialized training can help officers to understand and de-escalate these situations.

UMCPI has been a leader in the design, development, and delivery of de-escalation trainings for law enforcement and other public safety professionals.  We have been delivering de-escalation training courses nationwide since 2010.  We offer three different courses, each with a particular focus:  1) mental illness and behavior disorders, 2) military veterans in crisis, and 3) “pre-escalation” awareness and communication techniques.


De-escalation Strategies for Persons with Mental Illness or Behavioral Disorders in Crisis "The importance of this topic is far overdue, great information and well presented. Instructors are experts in their field. All the information was valuable and provides a basis for interacting with people suffering from mental illness or in crisis."

Minneapolis, MN