Human Trafficking Training for Hotel & Casino Employees

Course Overview

This 4-hour course trains hospitality industry staff, including housekeepers, bartenders, maintenance staff, concierges, room service wait staff, and security personnel on the existence, appearance and prevention of sex trafficking in casino hotels.  It provides a template for developing protocols to detect and respond to suspected or confirmed sex trafficking, and provides guidance on developing a hotel team that works in conjunction with law enforcement and victim service providers. The course content includes:

  • Overview of human trafficking in casino hotel environment
  • Human trafficking victims
  • Identifying sex trafficking in casino hotels
  • Developing protocols for responding to sex trafficking
  • Prevention of sex trafficking

To host this training please contact Dennis Cusick at dcusick or 651-917-2259.


Advanced Human Trafficking Investigations Training
"Case examples and scope of knowledge from 3 instructors from very different perspectives was helpful. The analyst perspective was a great addition. As an analyst myself, I found it was a necessary inclusion as we are often "left out" of cases by sworn who don't know what we can do or how much we can help!"

Merritt Island, FL

Human Trafficking Training in Indian Country "The trainers have first-hand knowledge “boots on the ground” experience to share. The training on how social media and the internet play a role in human trafficking was very valuable. Being able to see into this world will help me to recognize it in the future."

Albuquerque, NM